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Repairs Offered
Repairs Offered

Because our quality control standards are high our instrument repairs are among the best in the business. Our goal is to always deliver the best service at reasonable prices. We want you, our valued customer, to be happy.

Here is a small sample of repairs offered:

*Bridge Fitting
*Soundpost Adjustments
*Crack Repairs
*Broken Necks, Scrolls, etc.
*Fitting and Reworking Pegs
*Rehair Bows
*Temper Bows
*Reglue, Replace, or Plane Fingerboards
*Structural Repairs
*Dent Repair
*Key Adjustment and alignment
*Cleanout and Sanitize
*Complete Restoration of Antique and Rare Instruments
*Valve Lapping and Slide Rework
*Case Repair
*Custom Parts Made Specifically for Your Instrument

Every single Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, etc. at Manselle's Music Shop has been adjusted in our store before it is taken out to the showroom to be sold or rented. Each instrument is carefully examined and we perform many of the following adjustments to new instruments:

*We fit a new bridge to the instrument or refit the existing bridge so the curvature matches that of fingerboard and the feet fit flush to the top of the instrument. This is very important in order to achieve proper action (string height) and a well balanced tonal palette.

*We fit new high quality pegs to the instrument or refit existing pegs if they are of high quality materials.

*We restring our instruments with better than stock strings, with USA or European Made Strings!

*We rehair our bows with AA Grade Siberian or Mongolian Natural Horsehair (WE NEVER USE SYNTHETIC OR BLEACHED HAIR!!!)

*We adjust the sound post, and sometimes replace the soundpost and then adjust it to ensure a well balanced tone.

In addition to those basic adjustments we frequently plane fingerboards, replace tailpiece adjusters, replace tailpieces, replace fine tuners, fit or refit endpins,etc


Our Band Instruments are cleaned and sanitized with STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY! All of our instruments undergo a deep cleaning process with our ULTRASONIC degreaser/cleaner which helps save the life of the horn’s finish & is environmentally safe. Most repair shops use an acid bath which etches the metal finish AND is very hard on the environment, but our Ultrasonic machine will clean small and large band instruments without harmful chemicals !!!

Bring in your instrument today for a free repair quote or give us a call at
503-659-9817 if you have any questions. We look forward to providing quality repair work for you!

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